Dr Kerrie Meades, Ophthalmologist, and her response to the possibility that a complaint might be lodged with the NSW HCCC about her

This letter was emailed to Dr Kerrie Meades, Ophthalmologist, of Personal Eyes, on 4 Feb. 2022, by one of our readers.

In other words:-

(1) When our reader consulted Dr Meades about a particular problem he was having with his eyes, she recommended a particular procedure, but when she carried it out, it didn’t help.

(2) And the treatment scarred one of his eyes.

(3) So after this failure, Meades recommended a different procedure and recommended another Surgeon, external to Personal Eyes, to carry it out, (something to do with delays caused by the Covid virus,) and provided him with a referral letter to this other Surgeon, accordingly.

(4) But, when our reader raised the question as to who was to pay for this second procedure, after the first one had failed, Oops!!! Meades changed tack completely, writing to the reader advising him that it would be too dangerous for him to have the second procedure, (in other words, she didn’t want to have to pay for the second procedure,) leaving our reader with exactly the same problem he had when he first consulted Meades.

Meades response to our reader’s letter advising her that he would be lodging a complaint with the Health Care Complaints Commission about all this,┬áMeades’ response amounted to, “Sure. Go ahead. The HCCC won’t care,” and, impliedly, “I don’t care.”

No wonder the reader has made the comment that Meades seems to be more a salesman than a doctor.

But this is how it is in New South Wales – health care professionals know that, as far as the HCCC is concerned, they can virtually get away with anything. And under the present Government, which has been in power, it seems, almost for ever, and with Gladys Berejiklian, in particular, as it’s leader for nearly four years, things seem to have been getting worse. I’m sure many of us are holding our breath to see if anything will be any different under our new Premier, Premier Perrottet. Or, under Chris Minns, if he ever becomes Premier. Their responses, if any, to posts like this, will soon provide the answer.

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