Life under Premier Dominic Perrottet’s Premiership 2

This letter was sent to Ms Koff, on Tue. 4 Jan. 2022:-

This letter was received in response, on Thu. 10 Feb. 2022:-

i.e. one month and 6 days later, from some one who hasn’t put his or her name to the letter!!!

This response was sent, on Fri. 11 Feb. 2022:-

We could never get Ms Berejiklian, when she was the Premier, to be interested in these issues, although, God knows, we tried – but she couldn’t give a damn. We’ll soon know if things are going to be any different under the new Premier.

How? By us sending him a copy of this post, and seeing what happens. Of course, we’re not expecting him to respond personally. But we’re certainly expecting that he might arrange for someone to provide a half decent response within a reasonable time – something more that Ms Koff did, on her $700,000 a year.

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