The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 4


Just when we think we’ve heard the worst about Commissioner Dawson and her people at the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, something like this comes along.

In a post dated 29 March 2021, i.e. five days ago, we commented on the way in which a complaint about a Ms Breanna Ford had been handled, as reported in a HCCC media release dated 10 Mar. 2021 – how we thought it was really weird!

According to the media release, Ms Ford was a 23 year old FORMER nurse, she’d already ceased to be registered, and perhaps was unlikely to ever seek to be registered again, although we don’t really know, and the complaint against her was that she had “inappropriately taken two prescription pads and used them to forge eight prescriptions” – not very significant stuff we would have thought. Yet Commissioner Dawson and her people treated it as a VIP complaint, allocating resources to dealing with it which were just extraordinary, not least of which was that a full hearing was held into the matter in the Civil and Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales before three Senior Members and a General Member, the proceedings of which were reported on in a report that went on for pages and pages and pages – readers can read the details for themselves in the Media Release.

We made this comment on this:-

These words turned out to be strangely prophetic because just two days later, on the 1 Apr. 2021,  one of readers got a response from the HCCC to a complaint he’d made about matters – and readers may think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not, –  which were hundred times more significant than inappropriately taking two prescription pads and using them to forge eight prescriptions – use this link to see the details. (20 times, 50 times, 100 times as significant – it doesn’t matter.)

So a complaint about an unregistered nurse gets the full VIP treatment, costing perhaps hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands of dollars, and a complaint about matters that are hundred times more significant get’s dismissed, apparently by a single HCCC officer, a Richard Murdoch, a senior officer or perhaps a junior officer, we don’t really know and we don’t know whether there’s any way of finding out.

Clearly the person or people in charge of the allocation of resources to various complaints are not suitable people to have this job.  But the chances of getting a comment from Commissioner Dawson on anything like this are nil. She doesn’t seem to think she’s accountable to anyone – let alone, to us, the people.

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