The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 8

This is what Wikipedia says about the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

“The HCCC plays a unique role in maintaining the integrity of the NSW health care system by receiving and assessing complaints about health service providers in NSW.”

Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! 

We’ve been working on this blog now for just over a year, and we’ve come to, been forced to come to, the conclusion that the integrity of the NSW health care system isn’t being maintained at all, and that this is largely the fault of the HCCC – it’s just not doing it’s job!

The statistics on it’s performance, as we’ve set out in various posts on the blog are horrifying – on it’s own figures, 98 to 99% of the New South Wales people who lodge complaints with the Commission about health care workers, ( just under 520 a week about “treatment,” and just over 6oo a week about other matters,) are being told they have nothing to complain about. As result the health care workers know that they can almost get away with murder, literally. And it’s getting worse!

And the fact that it’s just not doing it’s job is the fault of Commissioner Sue Dawson – who, after initially being appointed for a 5 year term, was granted a second 5 year term in October, 2021!!! On seven hundred thousand a year!!!

But, as far as we’re concerned the real fault lies with Premier Berejiklian, who. as far as we could find out, (and we tried,) didn’t care a damn. And, to us, it’s not looking as though things will be any better with Premier Perrottet in charge, after he’s now been in the job for more than four months.

But readers, into this scenario has come something we find quite interesting and encouraging – according to figures provided by the organisation that hosts it, this blog had 6,441 unique visitors in January, quite a jump from 1761 in December!!! And the figures in, so far, for February, (just the first 3 days,) indicate that another rise of 40 to 50% is on it’s way.

To us, it’s an insult to the people of New South Wales that 98 -99% of the more than a thousand a week of them who are lodging complaints about health care workers in our State, are being told, by the kids at the HCCC, that they are really being quite silly thinking they have anything to complain about, when, in fact, they don’t have anything to complain about at all – ¬†which has getting us more and more incensed for months.

And readers, if you have anything to add to this scenario, email us on, knowing that well over 250 new people a day may have the opportunity to read what you have to say, that if we can fit everybody in.

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