The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in general 1

We believe that the way in which the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission is being conducted could be much improved, to put it mildly – which results in the “crooks” in NSW doing better, making more money and so on, than the “good guys,” and many of our health care professionals obviously almost thinking they can get away with murder.

If you Google “NSW Health Care Complaints Commission” you learn that there are 45 Google reviews, (as at 7 Feb, 2021,) – 37 of them are 1 star reviews with many of those providing them complaining that they aren’t able to provide 0 star reviews, there are 2 5 star reviews, one of which doesn’t make any sense, and the other has no content, and the 4 star review has no content either.

Presumably Ms Sue Dawson, the person in charge as the Commissioner, is in a position to improve things, but she’s been the Commissioner for 6 or 7 years and it seems to us that, if anything, things have got worse.

One of our readers reports that a NSW doctor who had performed atrociously for him actually taunted him, saying, “You know that if you had a real reason to complain you’d complain to the HCCC.” He obviously believed that the HCCC wouldn’t help if he did, that he would have the last laugh – and was almost certainly right.

We believe it’s got the point where some people are afraid to go to doctors.

We are in the early stages seeing if our politicians, who, presumably could do something about this, have any interest in the problems. But in the end, it will be about whether we, the people, care.

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