The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in general 12

Putting this very simply. (More detail is provided in other posts on this blog.)

When one of our readers was referred to A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist, for help with what is often referred to as “the frequency problem” – he was having to get up 2 or 3 times during the night to urinate – Brooks recommended and carried out a surgical procedure called a TURP, which (a) didn’t help in any way, AND, (b) damaged him for life in that, during sexual intercourse, his semen was no longer ejected through his penis, with the great feeling that provides, but was just sent up into his bladder without any feeling – the significance of which would, perhaps, never be appreciated by females.

As we’ve written many times, if a male was bashed up by a thug, and, that male, as a consequence, happened to end up with this side effect, we have not the slightest doubt that the thug concerned would end up being sent to gaol, perhaps for a very long time.

YET, Brooks, KNOWINGLY AND DELIBERATELY, (obviously so he could justify, at least in his mind, charging $3,200 for less than an hours work,) recommended and carried out a procedure which has the same consequence, inevitably, it always happens, AND when our reader lodged a complaint with Commissioner Sue Dawson and her people at the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about this, he was told he had nothing to complain about – that, “WE HAVE NOT IDENTIFIED A DEFICIENCY IN THE CLINICAL CARE AND TREATMENT PROVIDED TO YOU BY DR BROOKS.”

And when a complaint about this decision was sent to Sue Dawson herself, (who’s just been appointed to another 5 year term, as Commissioner,) dare we say it, she must have just laughed it off, because she hasn’t responded, hasn’t even acknowledged the email.

And when Ms Elizabeth Koff, the Secretary of NSW Health, was made aware of all this, she didn’t care either.

And when Brad Hazzard, the NSW Minister of Health,¬†was made aware of all this, he didn’t care either.

And when Premier Berejiklian was made aware of all this, she didn’t care either, of course.

That’s how it is in New South Wales, folks.

In other places in the world, people like Brooks might end up gaol. But, in New South Wales, people like him engage henchmen to ring up people who are continuing to tell the world of their experiences with him that they may end up in gaol if they don’t stop, as keeps happening with our reader, and people like those in the Berejiklian Government don’t give a damn.

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