The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in general 9

Over the years, we’ve done this exercise SO often, and have just done it again – checked on a particular period to find out how many of the complaints about a NSW doctor received by the HCCC during that particular period lead to one of the HCCC’s media releases?

(Readers, if you want to find this out for yourself, the best way is to start with this link –

And in April and May, 2021, i.e. in the last 8 weeks, during which the HCCC would have received hundreds and hundreds of complaints about NSW doctors, there have been Media Releases in response to only 5 of them – 2 of whom have been found guilty of misconduct in relation to drugs, and 3 of whom have been found to have perhaps done not a very good job.

And, when, in relation to any particular period, you ask questions like, “How many complaints did the HCCC receive about NSW doctors?,” “How is it that there are Media Releases on so few of them?” and “What happened to the rest?,” the best you can hope for is that you will be referred to the 210 pages in the HCCC’s annual report to find out for yourself. And when, recently, we went to page 39 in this report, after we’d been told that if we went to this page we’d get details on such and such, we found this claim was false, no such details existed on this page.

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