The Reward Systems for Health Care Workers in NSW

Many years ago we came across a book called, “How to Motivate People,” which is all about what the author, Michael Le Boeuf, Ph. D. calls, “the greatest management principle in the world” – “THE THINGS THAT GET REWARDED GET DONE.”

To us the greatest concern about the way Commissioner Sue Dawson and her people at the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission are running things, (and have been running things for more than 5 years, and may be running things for the next 5 years, as in October, 2020, Dawson was appointed for another 5 year term,) has resulted in a “reward system” in New South Wales under which doctors who are “crooks” are doing better, making more money, and so on, than the “good guys,” – this, when it’s often not only better, but easier, to be a “crook” than a “good guy.”

As a perfect example of this, one of our readers claims that when, some years ago, he described certain health problems he was having in an email to A/Prof. Paul Sved, Urologist, (he was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the toilet, often described as the “frequency problem,”) Dr Sved responded with, “There is often no need for surgical procedures in order to overcome the symptoms you are describing.” And that when he described the same symptoms to A/Prof. Andrew J Brooks, Urologist, Brooks recommended and carried out a surgical procedure, (our reader says it was one of the worst mistakes in his life to go with Brooks,) a surgical procedure for which Brooks got $3,200 for less than an hours work, and which, incidentally, didn’t help our reader in any way.

Readers, guess who, right now, right before our eyes, would be making more money out of “helping” (ha! ha! ha!, ha! ha! ha!) people suffering from the “frequency problem.” Incidentally, our reader claims that when he lodged a complaint about Brooks with the HCCC, he was told, typically, that he had nothing to complain about! A further indication that, in New South Wales, doctors know that, no matter what they do, they don’t have to be concerned that any of their patients might lodge a complaint about them with the HCCC. If they don’t, they’re dumb.

The biggest concern about this, of course, is that there may be “good guys” out there, right now, right before our eyes, thinking, “Perhaps I need to, perhaps I have to, start being an Andrew Brooks.”

Readers, we need to realise that under Health Care Complaints Commissioners like Sue  Dawson, and under Governments like the Berejiklian Government, there are industries in New South Wales in which it’s participants have to be “crooks” to survive, and that all the indications are that there may be health care industries like that.

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